Bit O’bout Me

While I wasn’t born in Oklahoma, sometime I feel like I was. Moved here from Cali when I was 6. The first thing that won me over was all the cattle I saw on the long trips to town…not that I find those trips long anymore, I don’t think an hour or so is too far. Moving to Rose was the best thing I think my parents did for my brother & I…Oh by the way I have 4 brothers, all younger and a whole lot taller then me. My mom home schooled us. And we grew up close, and thoughful. I mite not have gone to prom, but I’ve met people my Great Grandmother went to school with I’ve even been in that one room school house. Did 4-H for a bit, oh boy was that fun. It was around then when I found my love for dairy goats, and beef cattle. Yup good times.

When I was 17 we started going to a lot of youth rodeos. Made friendswith some bull riders… got the chance to get on my first bull that fall. One back popping, wind kicking hit, and I was hooked. I can’t say I was ever any good at it really, but I sure loved it. The sport means a lot to me even though I stoped riding a few years back. I know some of you are still thinking a girl bull rider??? Yup. And I was not the only one. Shoot right now I think there are more female bull riders then there has even been. Women have a strong history in rodeo that go’s much deeper then barrel racing.

Now let me tell you about me & horses. When I was just over a year old my Grandma got her self a Mustang who is only a month older then I. I grew up with that horse, and at 23 she is still here. Glory is a big mare, part Belgian. Then when I was 6 my Grandparents gave me a pony for my birthday, I still have her too. But while I grew up around horses I didn’t know a thing about training, or young stock until the same week I got on my first bull and got a 3mo Quarter Horse filly. That is a story in it’s self. Cherokee changed my world and was the first horse I started. And so far I have got to say I like riding 2 & 3 year old the best. Each time you climb in the saddle it feels like a first kiss…

Well that purdy much brings yo up to date. Guess I should add that I am a writer/artist/crafter/jewelry maker/colt starter… you know, a cowgirl

Sitting with my stock dog Kota


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