I am currently in debate over just what sort of chickens I should add to our growing little farm next year. There are a few breeds I fancy for a few different reasons.

Option #1 is a project with SeaBright bantams. I adore these spunky little birds. They come in two recognized colors, Golden and Silver. And a few unrecognized colors. I would personally like to do some cross breeding for new color, Blue Laced Golden for a start…. In the long run I’d be able to brake even, but that’s 4-5 years down the road at least. I’d have to get my DH to build a series of small pens for breeding, plus grow out coops. Good quality stock is pricy and hard to come by, and if I went with hatchery stock I would have to do some heavy culling for type before I could even start crossing for color. Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to the challenges associated with this venture but I’m not so sure if this sort of project belongs at the top of my list.

Option #2 is a focus on a somewhat rare heritage breed – Delawares. The more I think about it the more I’m leaning towards these birds. They are a large gentle fast growing duel purpose breed that was developed in the USA. This breed could use a little work, but I believe I’ve found a hatchery that would have some decent stock to start with. Unlike the bantams who are just for show, the Dels would provide to be a valuable recourse for our farm. Not only would there be meat and eggs for us, but would I would sale breeding stock, ship hatching eggs, and sale extra cull birds for eating {my DH is not a big fan of chicken} and there is a good chance I’d see a return on my investment as soon as the fallowing year.

So to sum it up, while option #1 would be fun, option #2 is more then likely what I’m going to go with. It’s just smarter….ether way coop building is going on this winters “honey do” list