So having a blog without the internet at your fingertips doesn’t really work out so well. Now that I have internet in my home I’m hoping to be more active on here.

What’s new? Well…Wendell & I said “I do” as planed last November. We are expecting our first child, a little girl in October. We moved into a cozy 2 bedroom 1930’s farm house on a much smaller piece of land. It’s working out quite well at this point. We made some big changes to our goat herd, sold all of our LaManchas {we kept our reg LaMancha/Alpine doe Pixie} and added a Oberhaslie doeling, an Alpine doeling, and a pair of Mini Alpines. The Alpines and Mini Alpines will be my main focus for the next few years, after that I’d like to bring in more Obers I LOVE their personalities. We have 21 Guinea keets that will hopeful be out of my kitchen and in a temporary pen today. We have a few more rabbits but won’t be breeding anyone until the fall. And I have yet to find my green thumb.

Next year I’d like to add Delaware chickens, Muscovy ducks, and maybe some Cotton Patch geese to our little farm along with 2 or 3 Alpine doelings.

I guess that will do for now. But I’ll be back much sooner this time.