The word from the Don Williams song “You’re My Best Friend”, or from Tom T. Hall’s “I Love” {“I love coffe in a cup, little fuzzy pups, bourbon in a glass, and grass…And I love you too”} say it so well. I fell in love with a close friend, who has become my best and most trusted friend. Sometimes it is hard to tell where his thoughts end and mine begin.

I don’t see how I could become any happier, but then again I’m sure I will. Sure sometimes we bicker, and I do nit-pick…and sometimes he just dosen’t quite understand. But we still love each other, even with all the eye rolling and hand waving. I know we are not the only people who feel this way, and it is a beautiful thing.

What make me really, really happy is knowing this isn’t all by chance. Not for us, or any one else. This is the way God planed it to be. God dosen’t just have a some one out there, He has your some one. Some one to share all the love that God put into their heart. That I belive is a big part of His mast plan. After all the bible does say “we love, becaus He loved us first” And that is so true, I know if I didn’t have the love of God in me, my fiance would be stuck with a very bitter woman. And there is no way I’d still be the woman that he is in love with. So I am thankful to God for loving me, giving me love, and helping my share that love.