Thats what Wendell & I are talking about now, what fencing and were to put it. In the long run we want to fence {and cross fence} it all so that we could turn any thing out, dogs, horses, goats, sheep, geese, even little baby pigs. For now we have barbed wire on three sides in the back.

Most of the land is so grown up that we have to clear a trail along the fence just to get the wire to it. Long story short looks like we will fence of the yard first, then the garden, then the few acres the meet up to them. That will give us enough room for the animals we have an the few more we are going to get. And we wont have to brake our backs or the bank to get it done.

We are also thinking of digging another small pond. Just east of the garden is a spot were water stands almost all year long.

It is all still very exciting.

Some of the trees looking from the pond to the open land & garden

Our little pond in late summer 

Update jan 08 2012 we are also talking about growing a hedge fence on the back land. Most likely I’d have to wait til next year befor I could plant it, and it would take 2-3 years befor it would really work. We’ll find out in due time what we deside to go with.