I’m thinking about wedding stuff again. I’m so glad we have a year, even though it’s a little less then a year off now. I  still don’t have to rush, or think about it 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I can not wait to merry my dear Wendell. But we have got a lot that needs doing between now and then. Like build a house….I’m working on plans for that, but I’ll tell you about it another day.

Here is a look at some brides maid dresses I’ve drawn out…colored pencil is not my stong sute but you get the idea. Not too sure of the fabric yet, that is what will really make the dress. Nore the neck line. I think I’ll crack down on it after the holidays. The dresses will not be the same color, but they will match the grooms men. Who will have the same color shirts, as well as vests. The plum dress is shown with a pattern vest to the side with some of the same colors in it. Sleeves are gather to a ruffed edge, and a lower neck line. While the navy dress has a high neck line and cuffed sleeves. The skirt is of a little diffrent cut as well….

It seems no matter what I’m thinking about these days be it dresses, flowers, livestock, building suplies, I always end up feeling excited, happy and blessed.