Yup we did it! We picked up our first three goats, all does, and LaMancha or LaMancha/Nubian cross. One is bred to kid in march, I can’t wait!!! And neather can Wendell, he has been bit by the goat lovers bug. Okay photo time…

 Cookie in the back seat. She is a people lover, and seemed to enjoy the car ride. She is 2 and has kidded befor, the lady we got her from said she was a really nice got she just didn’t need another milker.

 The girls by was is now the roof on their shelter. The dark thing off to the side is luke, Wendells mutt. Cookie does not like him. She head butted him the other day. We have another dog out there right now, a big cur. They don’t seem to mind him. Below is Wendell, his bud, and my brother all working on the shelter. With every bord that went up the girls had to take a look.

We will be getting more. Maybe another doe from the same lady, just didn’t have the room or cash last weekend. But we are on a waiting list to get some reg Alpines in the spring. Alpines and Nigerian Dwafs are the breeds I love, and used to have as a teenager. With our goats we will show, sell, breed, eat, milk, and make things like cheese and soap…or at least try for those last two. Showing is the only part thats more for fun then anything else. We are so excited to have our goats!