My friend and fiance Wendell & I are making big plans, and doing lots of work to start our homestead. We are also having a lot of fun planing our merrige. It will be set in the mid 1800’s, and shared with meny of our family and dear friends. Who would think that a wooly faced woodsman would be all excited about dresses and flowers and food. And that this bride to be is more excited about getting dairy goats then her ring. It’s safe to say we are a matched pair. The more details I share with family, and the closeist of our friends the more I hear how well it fits us. The wedding it just a little over a year away. And I’m glad for it as it gives us enough time to get our home ready, and my out of state family time to prep for the trip.

Right now there is not much to our little homestead other then rocks. And trees, can’t forget them. Most of this fall has been spent cutting down, and removing all problem trees. One almost hitting our tiny travel trailer house. I’m so glad for the help from our familys so far. His dads tool box is open to him, as is the hay barn. He will also be letting us run stock on a small pice of his land. One my brothers is our go to guy with a chainsaw, we’d be way behind without him. I think the plan for this weekend is to get some sort of yard fence up for the dogs, and pull nails from the bords we will be reuseing for our add on. And maybe get a pair of dairy doelings. There is and old hog pen that will work for them for this winter. It’s all hard work but so much fun.

The wedding plans are coming together at a nice pace I think. One of my grandmothers is going to make my dress. My other grandmother is gathering info on the place we want to have our wedding at, and letting us set up a tent on her land for the party. We want to have it out side the only cherokee courthouse still standing, the seting is beautiful. And I’m already thinking about the food. We are going to try to raise the meets, and maybe some of the other foods. I love warm hearty foods, and I’d love to have a big ‘ol feast. And there will be music too.

I am so happy. I feel loved and so very blessed by God, I’m sure he is smiling on me now. I’m thankful for all He does from me, and those around me. My awesome, wonderful, loving God.