I love the fall. It get’s cooler, the colors change. I know I’ll soon be eating awesome food around my even awesomer family. I feel really crafty in the fall too, when ever there is a chill in the air my kniting and crocheting seems to pick up. My only trouble with the fall is for some reason part of my mind seem to think it’s spring. Not only do I clean more, but I start thinking about babies, animal babies that is. It’s like I can seen enough calves, kids, and lambs. I get to thinking about chicks too….it’s almost as if I wish I could skip the winter. Not that I want to do that at all, I love the snow & wood smoke. But I sure will be more then ready for some fuzzy, little wabbly critters to be seen my april if not sooner.

What keeps my day dreaming slowed down just a little bit is making Christmas gifts. Last year I make a list, and purdy much stuck to it. I’ve got an even bigger on this year. And I’m sad to say I have yet to get a real start on it. I think that is what I with do today though… I’ll leave you all with a few photos.

One of the meny hand made jewelry items you can find for sale on my face book page KotaCountry, click photo for link

My mother filly looking at one of my dogs

Jubal is my first colt out of the first mare I got. He was born april 20, 2011. And I'm having lost of fun watching this horse grow, learn, and change colors