Oreo’s And Pregnancy Thoughts

I think the thing you do most when you are pregnant is just that – Think. While your laying on the couch, waiting at the doctors, and all those times you can’t go to sleep from heartburn, insomnia, or being kicked in the ribs. You day dream, you think about names, colors, what you want to eat next. And if your like me you forget half the thing you thought about, so you think about them some more. Just like now, I had more of an out line in mind for this post. Then I started typing the third sentence. Oh well, lets just see where this goes.

At 8 months I can feel things starting to end…although I’ll state it here and now I don’t see it as an end at all, but just another wonderfully exciting phase. Sure I wont be pregnant anymore (until round 2…and I see no reason to rush) but I’ll still be just as much of a mother as I am now. I’ll still have a growing baby to love, and feed, and hold, and care for, and adore. But soon I’ll get to see that beautiful face as often as I want. And I’ll be able to see her grow with my own eyes. Touch my fingers to hers, give her kisses. Yes just this phase is ending, and I’m growing more excited for what is to come. I will say I’m glad I decided to have my shower so close to my due date…or was that really my idea? Humm I don’t remember, but it doesn’t mater, I’m just glad my mind has a high lighted place to stop between this point and labor. I’m excited to see what some of our dearest friends and family have picked our for our baby, and I’m excited to see those smiling faces. Plus a party just sounds fun at this point. I’ve been pretty tired, and a real home body. So a day of change sounds nice. I even plan to wear something other then my husbands boxers.

Now as I said that is something I’m using to distract my self from thinking too much about labor. Not because I’m worried, or nervous even in the slightest bit. I’m looking forward to labor. Yep you read that right. And an all natural labor at that! There was a point when the thought did make me nervous, after all I’ve never done this before. But somewhere along the way after praying with God this calm confidence has swept over me. And I look forward to it because I know I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me. I trust God, I believe in my self, and I want to see my baby face to face. I’d like to add that with ever week that goes by not only do I feel more confident about labor, but all my desires as a mother. With everything from breastfeeding, and co-sleeping, to homeschooling and more. And having such a supportive husband (whom I thank God for) is an added boost to my confidence. Now I hope no one mistakes this as me being cocky. I know I’ve got a lot to learn, and learn I shall. But I know who and what I want to be as a mother. And that my friends is a very wonderful feeling.


Chickens – Curiosity vs Practicality

I am currently in debate over just what sort of chickens I should add to our growing little farm next year. There are a few breeds I fancy for a few different reasons.

Option #1 is a project with SeaBright bantams. I adore these spunky little birds. They come in two recognized colors, Golden and Silver. And a few unrecognized colors. I would personally like to do some cross breeding for new color, Blue Laced Golden for a start…. In the long run I’d be able to brake even, but that’s 4-5 years down the road at least. I’d have to get my DH to build a series of small pens for breeding, plus grow out coops. Good quality stock is pricy and hard to come by, and if I went with hatchery stock I would have to do some heavy culling for type before I could even start crossing for color. Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to the challenges associated with this venture but I’m not so sure if this sort of project belongs at the top of my list.

Option #2 is a focus on a somewhat rare heritage breed – Delawares. The more I think about it the more I’m leaning towards these birds. They are a large gentle fast growing duel purpose breed that was developed in the USA. This breed could use a little work, but I believe I’ve found a hatchery that would have some decent stock to start with. Unlike the bantams who are just for show, the Dels would provide to be a valuable recourse for our farm. Not only would there be meat and eggs for us, but would I would sale breeding stock, ship hatching eggs, and sale extra cull birds for eating {my DH is not a big fan of chicken} and there is a good chance I’d see a return on my investment as soon as the fallowing year.

So to sum it up, while option #1 would be fun, option #2 is more then likely what I’m going to go with. It’s just smarter….ether way coop building is going on this winters “honey do” list

Back at last!

So having a blog without the internet at your fingertips doesn’t really work out so well. Now that I have internet in my home I’m hoping to be more active on here.

What’s new? Well…Wendell & I said “I do” as planed last November. We are expecting our first child, a little girl in October. We moved into a cozy 2 bedroom 1930’s farm house on a much smaller piece of land. It’s working out quite well at this point. We made some big changes to our goat herd, sold all of our LaManchas {we kept our reg LaMancha/Alpine doe Pixie} and added a Oberhaslie doeling, an Alpine doeling, and a pair of Mini Alpines. The Alpines and Mini Alpines will be my main focus for the next few years, after that I’d like to bring in more Obers I LOVE their personalities. We have 21 Guinea keets that will hopeful be out of my kitchen and in a temporary pen today. We have a few more rabbits but won’t be breeding anyone until the fall. And I have yet to find my green thumb.

Next year I’d like to add Delaware chickens, Muscovy ducks, and maybe some Cotton Patch geese to our little farm along with 2 or 3 Alpine doelings.

I guess that will do for now. But I’ll be back much sooner this time.

My Fiance, My Friend

The word from the Don Williams song “You’re My Best Friend”, or from Tom T. Hall’s “I Love” {“I love coffe in a cup, little fuzzy pups, bourbon in a glass, and grass…And I love you too”} say it so well. I fell in love with a close friend, who has become my best and most trusted friend. Sometimes it is hard to tell where his thoughts end and mine begin.

I don’t see how I could become any happier, but then again I’m sure I will. Sure sometimes we bicker, and I do nit-pick…and sometimes he just dosen’t quite understand. But we still love each other, even with all the eye rolling and hand waving. I know we are not the only people who feel this way, and it is a beautiful thing.

What make me really, really happy is knowing this isn’t all by chance. Not for us, or any one else. This is the way God planed it to be. God dosen’t just have a some one out there, He has your some one. Some one to share all the love that God put into their heart. That I belive is a big part of His mast plan. After all the bible does say “we love, becaus He loved us first” And that is so true, I know if I didn’t have the love of God in me, my fiance would be stuck with a very bitter woman. And there is no way I’d still be the woman that he is in love with. So I am thankful to God for loving me, giving me love, and helping my share that love.

To Fence Or Not To Fence?

Thats what Wendell & I are talking about now, what fencing and were to put it. In the long run we want to fence {and cross fence} it all so that we could turn any thing out, dogs, horses, goats, sheep, geese, even little baby pigs. For now we have barbed wire on three sides in the back.

Most of the land is so grown up that we have to clear a trail along the fence just to get the wire to it. Long story short looks like we will fence of the yard first, then the garden, then the few acres the meet up to them. That will give us enough room for the animals we have an the few more we are going to get. And we wont have to brake our backs or the bank to get it done.

We are also thinking of digging another small pond. Just east of the garden is a spot were water stands almost all year long.

It is all still very exciting.

Some of the trees looking from the pond to the open land & garden

Our little pond in late summer 

Update jan 08 2012 we are also talking about growing a hedge fence on the back land. Most likely I’d have to wait til next year befor I could plant it, and it would take 2-3 years befor it would really work. We’ll find out in due time what we deside to go with.


I’m thinking about wedding stuff again. I’m so glad we have a year, even though it’s a little less then a year off now. I  still don’t have to rush, or think about it 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I can not wait to merry my dear Wendell. But we have got a lot that needs doing between now and then. Like build a house….I’m working on plans for that, but I’ll tell you about it another day.

Here is a look at some brides maid dresses I’ve drawn out…colored pencil is not my stong sute but you get the idea. Not too sure of the fabric yet, that is what will really make the dress. Nore the neck line. I think I’ll crack down on it after the holidays. The dresses will not be the same color, but they will match the grooms men. Who will have the same color shirts, as well as vests. The plum dress is shown with a pattern vest to the side with some of the same colors in it. Sleeves are gather to a ruffed edge, and a lower neck line. While the navy dress has a high neck line and cuffed sleeves. The skirt is of a little diffrent cut as well….

It seems no matter what I’m thinking about these days be it dresses, flowers, livestock, building suplies, I always end up feeling excited, happy and blessed.

Got Goats….in a car?!

Yup we did it! We picked up our first three goats, all does, and LaMancha or LaMancha/Nubian cross. One is bred to kid in march, I can’t wait!!! And neather can Wendell, he has been bit by the goat lovers bug. Okay photo time…

 Cookie in the back seat. She is a people lover, and seemed to enjoy the car ride. She is 2 and has kidded befor, the lady we got her from said she was a really nice got she just didn’t need another milker.

 The girls by was is now the roof on their shelter. The dark thing off to the side is luke, Wendells mutt. Cookie does not like him. She head butted him the other day. We have another dog out there right now, a big cur. They don’t seem to mind him. Below is Wendell, his bud, and my brother all working on the shelter. With every bord that went up the girls had to take a look.

We will be getting more. Maybe another doe from the same lady, just didn’t have the room or cash last weekend. But we are on a waiting list to get some reg Alpines in the spring. Alpines and Nigerian Dwafs are the breeds I love, and used to have as a teenager. With our goats we will show, sell, breed, eat, milk, and make things like cheese and soap…or at least try for those last two. Showing is the only part thats more for fun then anything else. We are so excited to have our goats!

Get’n A Good Start…

My friend and fiance Wendell & I are making big plans, and doing lots of work to start our homestead. We are also having a lot of fun planing our merrige. It will be set in the mid 1800’s, and shared with meny of our family and dear friends. Who would think that a wooly faced woodsman would be all excited about dresses and flowers and food. And that this bride to be is more excited about getting dairy goats then her ring. It’s safe to say we are a matched pair. The more details I share with family, and the closeist of our friends the more I hear how well it fits us. The wedding it just a little over a year away. And I’m glad for it as it gives us enough time to get our home ready, and my out of state family time to prep for the trip.

Right now there is not much to our little homestead other then rocks. And trees, can’t forget them. Most of this fall has been spent cutting down, and removing all problem trees. One almost hitting our tiny travel trailer house. I’m so glad for the help from our familys so far. His dads tool box is open to him, as is the hay barn. He will also be letting us run stock on a small pice of his land. One my brothers is our go to guy with a chainsaw, we’d be way behind without him. I think the plan for this weekend is to get some sort of yard fence up for the dogs, and pull nails from the bords we will be reuseing for our add on. And maybe get a pair of dairy doelings. There is and old hog pen that will work for them for this winter. It’s all hard work but so much fun.

The wedding plans are coming together at a nice pace I think. One of my grandmothers is going to make my dress. My other grandmother is gathering info on the place we want to have our wedding at, and letting us set up a tent on her land for the party. We want to have it out side the only cherokee courthouse still standing, the seting is beautiful. And I’m already thinking about the food. We are going to try to raise the meets, and maybe some of the other foods. I love warm hearty foods, and I’d love to have a big ‘ol feast. And there will be music too.

I am so happy. I feel loved and so very blessed by God, I’m sure he is smiling on me now. I’m thankful for all He does from me, and those around me. My awesome, wonderful, loving God.

Oh Fall

I love the fall. It get’s cooler, the colors change. I know I’ll soon be eating awesome food around my even awesomer family. I feel really crafty in the fall too, when ever there is a chill in the air my kniting and crocheting seems to pick up. My only trouble with the fall is for some reason part of my mind seem to think it’s spring. Not only do I clean more, but I start thinking about babies, animal babies that is. It’s like I can seen enough calves, kids, and lambs. I get to thinking about chicks too….it’s almost as if I wish I could skip the winter. Not that I want to do that at all, I love the snow & wood smoke. But I sure will be more then ready for some fuzzy, little wabbly critters to be seen my april if not sooner.

What keeps my day dreaming slowed down just a little bit is making Christmas gifts. Last year I make a list, and purdy much stuck to it. I’ve got an even bigger on this year. And I’m sad to say I have yet to get a real start on it. I think that is what I with do today though… I’ll leave you all with a few photos.

One of the meny hand made jewelry items you can find for sale on my face book page KotaCountry, click photo for link

My mother filly looking at one of my dogs

Jubal is my first colt out of the first mare I got. He was born april 20, 2011. And I'm having lost of fun watching this horse grow, learn, and change colors



here I am at last – bloging.  For though’s who don’t know me yet I’ll share just a bit with you for now {I’ll add a bio soon} I dearly love my Lord, black coffee and working young horses…There is nothing like sliping into the saddle of a horse that you know no one else rode, or at times even layed a hand on. Your heart is pounding, and at the same time there is a deep peace as well. Yep, I love it. That how ever is not what I do for a living. Nah, there is much more to it then that… But all things in due time my friends.

Ok, so you know I love to ride horses, I also love to draw & paint horses as well as other livestock, rustic settings, and what ever else strikes me. I’ll show case my work here from time to time, along with hand crafted & beaded jewelry…and who knows what else. You can have a look see on face book, the page is called KotaCountry

So…other then me, who’s hungry?

Pumpkin Cookies – perfect for fall, cream 1 cup of shorting with 1 cup of sugar & 1 cup canned pumpkin. Add egg {1} Then sift & add 2 cups flour, 1 tsp bakeing soda, 1 tsp {or more} cinnamon, 1/2 tsp salt. Mix it up and spoon it on a cookie sheet. Bake it at 375. Depending on the size of your cookies it with take 8 to 15 minutes…they are rather cake like, I use a toothpick to test. I know this sounds good, but now it gets better – you make icing! 3 tbsp butter, 1/4 cup milk, 1/2 sugar, 3/4 tsp vanilla all gos into a pan to melt & brown. Then you add 1 cup powdered sugar ~ What I did to make this recipe mine was add a LOT more cinnamon, and I added vanilla to the cookies. I’ve also used brown sugar in place of sugar for the icing. These cookies are fun to play around with, quick to make, hard to mess up, and even harder to keep around. A fun fact I wanted to share is; Six of the seven continents can grow pumpkins including Alaska! Antarctica is the only continent that they won’t grow in. Thanks to http://www.pumpkin-patch.com/facts.html

Now as I have said I drealy love my Lord. I talk to him a lot, about just what ever. Like how my foals are turning out, that I’m thinking about painting today, I tell Him I love & need Him. I also try to be quick to ask for His hand when I need it. You should never feel like something is too little for God, be it your time, or what troubles you. I believe He wants to be a part of your every day life. Just look how little this psalm is.
Psalm 117
Praise the Lord, all you nations! Praise Him all you people!
For His mercy and loving-kindness are great toward us, and the truth and faithfulness of the Lord endure forever. Praise the Lord!  
As small at it is, it is still full of power, you are told that God aint gonna quit you. It tells you to praise Him, and that He is worthy of that praise. I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel good.

Welp, I’ve got horses & dogs that need playing with, goodies to make….and a kitchen to clean {yuck} But I’ll talk to you all later